Department of Humanities, Universitat Pompeu Fabra

War, Gender, and Race in Modern Empires (Master in World History), 2019–20 to 2022–23

Diasporas in the Asia-Pacific Region (Master in Asian-Pacific Studies in a Global Context), 2018–19 to 2022–23

Global History, 1914–91 (BA in Global Studies), 2017–18 to 2022–23

Modern History, 1870–1945 (BA in Humanities), 2016–17 to 2021–22

Faculty of History, University of Cambridge

Historical Argument and Practice (Seminars in module “Global and transnational history”, BA in History), 2013–14

Department of Germanic and Romance Languages, University of Delhi

Oral Spanish Expression I (BA in Hispanic Studies), 2006–07

Written Spanish Expression II (MA in Hispanic Studies), 2006–07


I welcome research proposals from undergraduate and graduate students seeking to write dissertations on the modern history of South Asia, the British empire, and other topics germane to my areas of expertise.

I have experience supervising BA and master’s dissertations on topics such as missionary education in nineteenth-century India; the history of the hijra community in colonial and independent South Asia; Japanese anti-British propaganda in India during the Second World War; and interracial relationships in Italian East Africa.

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